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The Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation set up by Joanne, trains and supports, students, practitioners and teachers, enabling dreams to come to fruition and fears and blocks to be overcome.
HTSO Testimonials:
“The HTSO Reiki Teacher Training was amazing. I learnt so much. I have been doing Reiki for 14 years and the HTSO training has shown me I still have much to learn which is exciting.” Sukhada
“Joanne is a wonderful, inspirational teacher who has helped me move beyond my own limitations. HTSO classes are organised, professional and well presented and are provided in a loving, supportive learning environment.” Claire

Joanne has been working as an intuitive teacher and holistic healing guide for many years.  Working mainly in Ireland, North and South but also in places as far apart as Bulgaria and Australia with individuals and groups to transform lives.

“I work as an Intuitive Teacher, guided by Spirit, using the amazing energies that helped transform my life over the past 30 years.”

Joanne, with Higher Guidance, created an amazing new Reiki system, Psychic Reiki™.
A Journey into Higher Consciousness through Psychic Empowerment & Ascension, A Reconnect to your DIVINE SELF. And guided by Spirit, she has created five powerful Cd’s to support you on your Spiritual journey.

More than 25 years ago Joanne, never having heard of Reiki or any other holistic therapy, found herself at the most challenging time in her life. She lost everything that seemed important at the time; photo joanne
home, husband, job, money, self-confidence and seemingly had  no hope. With two very young children for whom she was the only support she started a long journey to transform her life.

The accumulative affect over the years of transforming my life step by step as I let go of all the fear, pain, guilt and remorse has been a move from the depths of despair to recognising within myself the truth that we are all Love and that Love is the only thing that matters.
 I created the Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation as I want to share what I have learnt and ensure that as many people as possible benefit in the way I have from these amazing energies and more.
I believe passionately in bringing the highest possible frequencies into everything I do and this passion is what is behind every aspect of the HTSO.
I felt guided to set up the organisation to ensure that as many people as possible get the help they need to transform their lives empowering themselves by becoming successful individuals, therapists, teachers and business owners.  Spiritual growth and transformation is the ongoing purpose and goal for students and teachers alike in the HTSO.”

In the intervening years she has become a Master Teacher of many energy systems including Usui Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, Seven Degree Reiki, Seichim, Tera Mai Seichim, Karuna Reiki® & Egyptian Sekhem. Joanne is also a fully trained Past Life Regression therapist, Family Constellations facilitator and a Transforming Cellular Memory teacher and facilitator.

She began using the amazing energies that had helped transform her life to help others.
Joanne created a new Reiki system called Psychic Reiki™ as a response to the number of students that found it really difficult to trust their intuition and recognise the Higher guidance they were receiving. As trust and the ability to perceive clearly is important this special energy system is of paramount importance to us all especially those of us in the business of helping to teach and guide others.
Joanne created HTSO to give people an opportunity to transform their lives and the lives of others, creating a structured and supportive organisation, enabling dreams to come to fruition and fears and blocks to be overcome.