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Joanne McM


Joanne McMillan B.Ed.
Founder and Director HTSO

Senior Master Teacher of Usui Reiki,Seichim,Egyptian Sekhem &
Creator of Psychic Reiki™ system

Belfast &


Northern Ireland

Sinead Lynch BA (Hons)
HTSO Senior Reiki Master Teacher

HTSO Psychic Reiki™ Master Teacher

Co Tyrone

Northern Ireland


Kerrylee Devlin BA (Hons)

HTSO Senior Reiki Master Teacher


Co Tyrone,

Northern Ireland

claire coulter

Claire Coulter BA (Hons)
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher




Ruth Pringle

HTSO Psychic Reiki™ Master Teacher

Helen's Bay,

Co. Down,

Northern Ireland


Marie Tully Morris
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher

HTSO Psychic Reiki™ Master Teacher





jo Morgan

Joanne Morgan B.Ed.

HTSO Reiki Master Teacher

Facebook : JEM Soul Therapy



Martyn P

Martyn Pascoe

HTSO Egyptian Sekhem Master Teacher

+44 7488 276415
YouTube : Inner Vision Adventure

Porthleven, Helston
Cornwall. U.K


Sukhada Smith-Repass
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher

HTSO Egyptian Sekhem Master Teacher

Derrylin, Enniskillen

Northern Ireland

paula dowd

Paula Dowd
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher



Susie McGaghran BSc (Social Work)
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher



Nikolay Dimov,

HTSO Reiki Master Teacher

Teteven, Bulgaria

Judith Bradley

HTSO Reiki Master Teacher



Co. Armagh,

Northern Ireland

Lynda McI


HTSO REIKI Master Teacher

amethyst sky reiki by Lynda

Intragram: amethyst sky reiki treatments


Northern Ireland


Joanne Morrow

HTSO Reiki Master Teacher



Northern Ireland




Dawn Boreham
HTSO Reiki Master Teacher


Northern Ireland





Lynda McI

Lynda McIntyre

Facebook: amethyst sky reiki by Lynda
Intragram: amethyst sky reiki treatments


















Carol T


Carol Thompson
Whispering Pines

+44( 0)7526271175






Nutri Ki Health Studio
11 Milltown Business Park
Co. Donegal





Marlene McEleney
Caterham, Surrey, UK
Tel: +44 77 404 33 678






Contact: Linda Samuelson
Ballynahinch area
Co. Down

Mobile: +44(0)7805736055




Hello, my name is Lynda and I’ve completed Usui Reiki to Master level and Psychic Reiki tm level one, planning to complete to Master level in the next few months and expand my knowledge as far as I can in order to spread Love and Oneness to as many souls as possible!
My journey began 40 years ago. As a small child growing up I always felt there was something more that we as humans could neither see or touch but I most definitely knew it was there.
I’ve had many experiences through the years and I felt at times lost or from another planet or realm. It felt very special to me and my heart knew I would find a home when the time was right!
Over the years I had lots of life experiences some of which were heartbreakingly hard to deal with and could have left me in a very low vibrational state, yet somehow, I managed to come out even stronger, braver and ever more focused on my goals and life path than I’ve ever been before. My awakening started to move very quickly a few years ago and pushed me in the direction of the light and healing and I will be forever grateful to this. A lady I met one day told me about Reiki and I knew it was for me. I searched for her Reiki Master and immediately booked with Joanne. I knew right away this was my calling. I have loved every second of my learning and so looking forward to the rest of my journey. I have qualifications in Crystal healing, Chakra balancing and Aromatherapy. I love holding space for anyone who will trust me and showing them this beautiful relaxing way of life. Thank you once again for checking me out I look forward to being your Reiki practitioner. Love Lynda xx
What A Treatment with me will Entail
· A warm cuppa to relax and open the heart and mind.
· A consultation to find out exactly what you need and to explain the treatments available.
· A full body Reiki healing.
· A full body pendulum dowsing to check your chakras for balancing.
· group or 1:1 chakra balancing meditation
· Crystal healing either on it’s on own or with Reiki
· Aromatherapy defusing of oils of your choice according to the benefits needed.
· A deep meditation to relax the body mind and soul and release any stresses.
· A chat afterwards about your experiences if it is something you’d like to do. Or maybe find out lovely ways to clear negative energies from yourself or your home. Advice on what types of meditation to listen to, how to relax or to help continue healing chakras. The possibilities and benefits are endless.
· Looking forward to meeting you all and helping you on your new journey of healing and self-discovery.

Carol’s holistic journey began in 2013 when, through exploration of her own journey she was guided to Reiki, and completed her Usui Reiki with Joanne Mc Millan. 
After a period of practice and increasing awareness she progressed to Reiki Master level in 2014. 
Having completed an ”All Love Healing” workshop with Patrick Zeigler, (creator of the Seichim Reiki System)she felt at ease with this beautiful but powerful energy, achieving Master level in Seichim in 
2016 again, with Joanne Mc Millan. 
Heart Centred Holistics was created in 2017 in order to share both energies of Reiki and Seichim. Carol helps clients to balance their energy fields and reconnect with the essence of who we really are, to enhance the journey to wellbeing, better health and happiness. 




Tanya began her Reiki journey in 2009. Tanya gained her
first level of Reiki in St. Petersburg (Russia) from the Master Dmitrii Okunev From this moment Reiki became the foundation of Tanya`s life.
Daily practice of Reiki greatly changed Tanya’s life. While she was continuing to work as a manager in a successful company, she began to study Psychology and practice of psychoanalysis. She obtained a Bsc Hons Degree in Psychology.
Thanks to a happy coincidences of Tanya`s personal life she moved to Ireland.
Tanya is now living and practicing Reiki therapy professionally in Buncrana, County Donegal since receiving her Reiki level 2 practitioner qualification with Joanne in September 2013

Reiki by Tanya is a complex of additional relaxing measures, such as aromatherapy with natural essential oils, special Reiki music and Reiki lights, and of course plentiful Reiki energy flow through Tanya`s hands
Tanya is a member of UK Reiki Federation,
She is a graduate member of Psychology Society of Ireland
Tanya has holistic insurance for Reiki therapy and Psychology.





“My Reiki journey began in 2009 and from then on, Reiki became the cornerstone of my life and a way of life.

Happily, I was able to spend a couple of years in Ireland which provided the space and time to further develop my Reiki practice and  I progressed to the point of completing my Reiki Master training with Joanne McMillan in 2015.
I am now living and practicing Reiki in England , working to spread the love and joy of Reiki to as many people as possible.”




Linda Samuelson

Offering individual Healing sessions, Reiki Workshops and guidance through Angel Card Readings in a peaceful setting in Co. Down.

Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, Seichim, Celtic Reiki, Tibetan Reiki.
Lightarian ™ Facilitator, Egyptian Sekhem level 1&2,
Karuna ®Practitioner, Crystal Healer Practitioner (Soul Healing Academy South Africa) Compassionate Release Healing (Eliza Whitebuffalo), Flower Therapy Healer (Robert Reeves) Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader (Doreen Virtue).

My Reiki journey began in South Africa in 2006 during a holiday my husband and I discovered the wonderful world of Reiki & Crystals, when we returned home we started on our Spiritual journey we became Reiki Master Teachers & Crystal Healers. We found the experience to be life changing. Since then I have been on an amazing journey that has transformed me completely, over the years I have studied different
healing energies which have  enhanced my ability to channel Reiki energy resulting in amazing healing sessions.
For personal reasons we immigrated to Northern Ireland in 2011 where I started Shanti Angel Healing. I feel there is a reason for me being here in Ireland as nothing is by accident I am here to join other light workers in bringing healing and spreading the light to the people of Ireland through Reiki.  Joanne McMillan was one of the first Reiki Teachers we met in Ireland.  I feel truly blessed and privileged to be an HTSO accredited master teacher I look forward to being part of this amazing group of people. I am a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation
With many people turning to complimentary therapy Reiki has grown in popularity. People are becoming more responsible for their physical & mental health and the benefits of Reiki Healing are limitless. The healing energy that is transmitted through the body brings us back into balance bringing a sense of relaxation and peace.
 It is my passion to impart my knowledge and training to others so that they may in turn discover the beautiful energy that is Reiki and transform their own lives as well as those of others.




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