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Joanne McM

Joanne McMillan B.Ed.  Founder and Director HTSO

Country : Northern Ireland

Qualifications:  Degree in Education, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, Seven Degree Reiki, Seichim, Tera Mai Seichim, Karuna Reiki® & Egyptian Sekhem. Past Life Regression Therapy (trained with Dr. Brian Weiss), Family Constellations facilitator (trained with Savgito Leibermeister), Transforming Cellular Memory teacher and facilitator (trained with Don Hanson).

Creator: Psychic Reiki™ & Angels & Ascended Master Series™
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Individual Transforming Cellular Memory Sessions are available most weekdays,
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"Really inspiring and enjoyable. I love all Joanne's workshops....the change in me is obvious to those close to me...." Michele " Joanne is an amazing person, very professional and works at a pace to suit everyone.Very gentle and kind who has helped me so much with her guidance..." Anna Marie " Really enjoyable class and the benefit to me is overwhelming." Rosemary " Very enjoyable and enlightening... Definitely recommend to others." Veronica


Reiki Workshop Testimonials  

Reiki 1 Testimonials

" Hi Joanne, I had a really good experience at the workshop and I know that Reiki is something I want to pursue in my life and hopefully at practitioner level, so I will be in touch about the Reiki level 2 workshop. Thanks once again for bringing this gift into my life." Kind Regards, Bernadette.

"Hi Joanne, Many thanks for yesterday. I feel wonderful and really alive. Something in me made me go for a walk in the country yesterday evening even though I was exhausted. It was amazing. All the colours of nature were flying out at me...the flowers were extra vibrant and the smells of nature were filling me up. I felt so at peace and so happy. Last night was quite strange. I woke up twice in pools of sweat, Wow my body is definitely detoxing! Just finished my self treatment so am looking forward to what the day brings.
Looking forward to Reiki 2 and meeting you again. It was a very powerful day and thank you for it all."Rachael x

"An enjoyable day from beginning to end and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all the new skills I learned. Great group of ladies to share the experience." Bernadette Harkin

"Beautiful day at Reiki level 2 with a great group. Joanne is a wonderful teacher making everything so easy to understand."  Ciara McEleney,

“As soon as I came through the door I was made feel at ease and welcomed. As always Joanne explained everything perfectly and encouraged all questions big and small. Thank you for a perfect day.” Aisling Doherty,

Reiki 3 / Master Testimonials

"Joanne, I found this attunement so powerful and the whole day was an amazing and delightful experience. The meditations and exercises along with your great presentation made the connection to the Divine energy so wonderful. When you were giving the attunement I (intuitively)saw you handing me a star. I have channeled the psychic surgery to a couple of friends and they both found it to be astounding. The healing is definitely fast tracked and the love and light on the particular area afterward is really intensified. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me through your attunements. This is life changing for me and to come from Reiki 1 to Master level in one year is breathtaking but just right."Denise, Communications Manager

" An excellent class by Joanne who always makes you feel welcome and supported – a lot of pain released so thank you Joanne. I really appreciate the kindness and love you have shown."
Love and blessing, Annie

" A beautiful experience overall for me. Joanne is a wonderful teacher. I feel attuned to the energy and ready for using this new energy for the benefit of myself and others. Many thanks." Hugh Kane

" Excellent day, lovely warm accepting atmosphere where everyone could open up and share. Felt very blessed to be here. Thank you Joanne."Margaret Morrow

Transforming Cellular Memory

"Oh my God Joanne, I just can’t wait to tell you how the fear, 'darkness' and confusion that has been a part of my life for nearly four years now has completely lifted. The day we buried our mother on 2nd April 2006 I remember making the decision to 'turn away' from God and that it was 'me' time now. I was in so much pain that I didn’t realise the consequences of those words and my actions and that’s where the dual personality comes in because it wasn’t the real me. I completely changed into a person that my husband, children, family and friends didn’t even recognise. I became so selfish completely turned in on myself.
Anyway, I woke up a few times last night but I wasn’t afraid, I was really peaceful and I felt warm and somehow protected again. I had no dreams or horrible nightmares and fear of the future that would have kept me awake most nights wasn’t important and I was able to go back to sleep quite quickly. When I woke up those times I kept thanking God and his divine angels for allowing me fully to experience their love and light again.
Although life has been like 'hell' for nearly four years I learnt to live with the pain and I had good days and bad days. I feel as if I can conquer the world today. It is truly amazing. This is the way I used to be! I have my old self back again.
Your work is amazing Joanne and Thank you." Sinead.

Individual Transforming Cellular Memory Sessions “Dear Joanne, It’s difficult to find the words that might begin to express the depth of my gratitude for the time we spent together and the miracle that was wrought in bringing me from utter despair back into hope and a restoration of my place in life. Thank you for your unique steadfast guidance, your breadth of skill, your compassion, your faith and superb intuition. I feel it was a huge privilege to be in your presence, to travel a part of my journey with you. Much has been healed in me and much has been lifted from my clouded vision and saddened heart. This is ongoing work I know but infinite possibilities are now apparent to me through rejoining with the Divine and knowing I belong and all is well. With heartfelt thanks,” Erica, England

Family Constellations Testmonials
Dear Joanne,
I can't thank you enough for coming to do the workshop here (in Palamartsa, Bulgaria). To have such love and light shone on us for the duration of your stay was very special. Your love, gentleness, clarity and trust in guiding all of us through some very complex issues on the day was amazing to experience. The workshop has shed light on one of my most challenging relationships and brought clarity, compassion and love where before there was anger, pain and judgement. I am really looking forward to doing more work with you in the future.
Lots of love ,Claire xxx

Thank you thank you thank you, Joanne, for the Family Constellations workshop. Within minutes of being in the room with you, I felt complete trust for you and knew that it would be safe to open up and allow the healing to begin. The loving energy that bathed the room was utterly amazing and it was a wonder to be part of all the transformations that took place. Since the workshop, I've been able to continue to connect with that loving energy and feel incredibly at peace with myself. I've been in the presence of several therapists and healers during my lifetime, but I found you the most profoundly intuitive, compassionate and loving of them all. Viv, Bulgaria

Psychic Reiki Testmonials

"The Psychic reiki attunement was lovely. It was very moving to be there as you were delivering it for the first time. I had my first psychic experience a month later when a client came for a treatment and he was sad as a friend of his had died in an accident twoweeks before and he had not known about it until after the funeral. He was angry at his friend’s parents for not telling him. I asked if he wanted me to give him a psychic reiki. He said yes. During the treatment I asked his friend in the Spirit world was he there and I heard “yes, tell him to forgive my parents for not contacting him”. Then I asked if he could give me a message for his friend, a place they used to go. I heard “the beach” and kept getting visions of sand and sea and two people walking along the shore. At the start I thought I was imaging this but the whole way through the treatment, the beach was there. Afterwards I told my client who said that is where he and his friend would go together all the time, the beach, as his friend had lived in a seaside resort and it was a daily ritual to go for walks by the sea."

Connie, Reiki Master

" I really enjoyed today. As usual manual and training excellent. It has been six years since I got my first attunement from you and as you know my life has changed for the better, forever." Thank you, Denise

"Very powerful workshop. Thank you for your guidance, patience and warmth." Paula