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The Benefits for HTSO Master Teachers
Once you have completed your HTSO training you get for FREE.....

  • Individual ONE to ONE Contact: Phone calls, Skype and Email support.
  • ( Within reason and during office hours )
  • The opportunity to run workshops such as Psychic Reiki™, that are available ONLY to HTSO Teachers and as such are not taught by others.
  • All workshop materials you require will be available to buy; student manuals, certificates,  cds, etc.  ensuring that your students will always receive the best possible experience.
  • FREE LISTING on the centre’s website; INCLUDING PROMOTION of your own workshops on the HTSO website and social media pages; and a link to your own website.
  • Endorsement as a member of the highly professional, well respected and caring HTSO

In addition to all the benefits already listed in the section above we promise to:

  • Provide all materials and support necessary to maintain the high standards expected in every workshop and with every teacher.
  • Provide complete guidance, mentoring and ongoing support for all affiliated teachers.
  •  Endeavour to assist you in transforming and raising your vibration enabling you to feel confident and inspired and to move forward as a “Light” into the world in your own unique way
  • Give you the opportunity to take the next step in your own evolution knowing that you are fully supported at all times.
  • Make available to you all the appropriate training
  • Provide you with powerful opportunities as a self-employed business person to transform yourself accelerate your spiritual progress and create abundance and prosperity.
  • Provide what you need to be successful, empowering you to work with individuals, facilitate groups and run workshops to transform lives, raise the vibration of all those involved and contribute to the Evolution of Human Consciousness.


Why become a Master Teacher? 

  • Complete READY TO USE workshop packages
    including ALL Teacher Resources and workshop materials required
  • Teach systems Unique to the HTSO such as Psychic Reiki™ .
  • Enhanced support package including conference calls , emails & phone calls.
  • Someone there for you when the going gets tough.
  • Personal and professional Growth Opportunities.
  • Run highly professional classes with our all-inclusive teacher and student packs.
  • Build on your existing qualifications or start at the beginning.
  • Teach well established and popular systems such as Usui Reiki, Seichim and Egyptian Sekhem
  • Continue your own Spiritual Evolution while growing your holistic business.
  • FULL Listing on the HTSO website



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