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This class is available ONLINE ONLY until further notice

HTSO Angels & Ascended Masters Series™
Accredited Teacher Training Course

Prerequisite: You must have attended at least TWO Angel Workshops and
completed the Usui Reiki or Psychic Reiki™ teacher programme
If you are interested please email:

Angels & Ascended Masters Teacher Programme £550

Course Content
The course is designed to give you the expertise and skills to facilitate workshops in a professional manner empowering you with the confidence to organise and run

Angel & Ascended Masters workshops.

  • Gives you a comprehensive framework for delivering Angel & Ascended Masters workshops.
    Learn how to effectively communicate and develop professional communication skills
  • Related support skills e.g. Power Point Presentation skills
  • Learning and teaching skills
  • Group energy and listening
  • Managing difficult or disruptive behaviour

Personal Benefits

  • Provides an opportunity for personal development and advancement on your spiritual journey
  • Provides you with the tools to continue to raise your own vibration, transform blocked energies and enhance your healing abilities
  • Shows you how to connect effectively with Angels and Ascended Masters for your own and others benefit
  • Providing you with a
  • Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines for teaching a series of workshops, workshop plans  and all exercises and meditations
  • All instructions and training
  •  Supervised practice and practical teaching experience



The topics covered include

  • How to structure and prepare workshops and talks
  • How to lead a variety of meditations, visualisations and exercises
  • How to give Angelic Attunements
  • Background knowledge; Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • How to Connect  and Communicate with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Guardian Angels; Getting to know them, Methods of Communication
  • Advanced methods of Communicating with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Creating a Safe, Relaxed Environment

  • The teacher and the teaching space
  • Confidentiality and safe sharing
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Health and Safety Issues

Meditations, Attunements and Visualisations

  • Preparations for room, teacher and student 
  • Leading group visualisations and meditation
  • Angelic Attunements

Setting up activities

  • Drawing symbols/pictures
  • Keeping things interesting. The benefit of using a variety of teaching methods and styles
  • Having FUN

angel man

Creating an Angel Mandala

Teaching Outcomes

This course will enable you to:-

  • Facilitate your own Angel & Ascended Masters workshops
  • Create and manage a safe teaching and learning environment
  • Use an extensive range of exercises, attunements and meditations to support the development of your students
  • Empower others to enhance their own connection with the Higher Vibration Energies, Angels and Ascended Masters