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Seichim Teacher Training Course

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Seichim levels 1, 2 and Master levels to arrange your training day.

Seichim Teacher Programme £650

  • Remember that it only takes a couple of classes and you will have got your investment back.

    An individual consultation
    Training including practical experience of giving attunements
    and supervised teaching practice.
    Attend as many of Joannes workshops as an observer and assistant teacher as you wish.

    A Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines in detail for teaching each level of workshop
    Bullet Point, Workshop Outlines that are easy to follow for every class from level 1 to Master level
    All the exercises and meditations that you need for every class
    A Powerpoint Presentation for every class already prepared for you to use
    Digital copies of complete student manuals for every level

    Course Content
    The course is designed to give you the expertise and skills to run your business
    and facilitate workshops in a professional manner.
    empower you with the confidence to organise and run Seichim workshops,
    giving you a comprehensive framework for the successful delivery
    of Seichim workshops and enabling you to confidently teach more advanced students.

The topics covered include

  • Running your REIKI™ Business, Advertising,
    Recording keeping, Setting Goals and Important Principles.
  • How to structure and prepare the Seichim workshops and talks
  • How to lead a variety of Seichim  meditations, visualisations and exercises
  • How to give Seichim Attunements
  • Background knowledge; the history and origins of Seichim, Patrick Zeigler
  • The Divine Feminine and Seichim
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Health and Safety Issues

Meditations, Attunements and Visualisations

  • Preparations for room, teacher and student 
  • Leading group visualisations, attunement and meditation
  • Seichim Attunements

Setting up activities

  • Drawing the Seichim symbols/pictures
  • Keeping things relaxed and interesting. Teaching methods and styles suitable for Seichim workshops



Personal Benefits

  • Provides an opportunity for personal development and advancement on your spiritual journey
  • Gives you the confidence to organise and facilitate your own workshops, talks and meditations knowing you have the support of your Senior Master Teacher and the HTSO
  • Provides you with the tools to further raise your own vibration, transform blocked energies, create and maintain balance within your energy field and enhance your healing abilities
  • Shows you how to recognise imbalance and restore balance for your own and others benefit
  • Providing you with a Complete Support Package including………
  • Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines for teaching each level of workshop, workshop plans for each level, Power Point Presentations,  scripts and CDs (if available) for all the meditations and exercises required
  • All instructions and training
  •  Supervised practice and practical teaching experience


Inside the temple at Karnak, Egypt

Teaching Outcomes

This course will enable you to:-

  • Facilitate your own Seichim workshops
  • Create and manage a relaxed, productive teaching and learning environment for more advanced students
  • Use an extensive range of advanced exercises, techniques, attunements and meditations to support the further development of your students