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HTSO Usui Reiki Accredited Teacher Training Course

Open to everyone who has completed Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master Practitioner levels. to arrange your own personal training.

Usui Reiki Teacher Programme £650.00
(Can be paid by instalments)

Training including practical experience of giving attunements
and supervised teaching practice.

A Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines in detail for teaching each level of workshop
Bullet Point, Workshop Outlines that are easy to follow for every class from level 1 to Master level and guidelines for Reiki refresher evenings and talks
All the exercises and meditations that you need for every class
A Powerpoint Presentation for every class already prepared for you
Digital copies of complete student manuals for every level AND if preferred , (so you don't even have to worry about printing, binding, etc)
The Reiki Guided Self treatment CDs and Reiki Guided Meditations CDs created by Joanne to support your students available at a reduced price to you as their teacher. Also available as digital downloads

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 Personal Benefits

  • Provides an opportunity for personal development and advancement on your spiritual journey
  • Gives you the confidence to organise and facilitate your own workshops, talks, meditations and one-to-one sessions knowing you have the support of Joanne and the HTSO
  • Provides you with the tools to raise your own vibration, transform blocked energies and enhance your healing abilities....AS WE TEACH WE LEARN
  • Provides you with a comprehensive framework for organising and running Reiki workshops
  • Gives you the expertise to facilitate groups and workshops in a professional manner
  • All instructions and training

Course Content

The course is designed to give you the expertise and skills to run your REIKI business and facilitate Reiki groups or workshops in a professional manner.

  • Running your REIKI™ Business, Advertising,
    Recording keeping, Setting Goals and Important Principles.
  • Empower you with the confidence to organise and run Reiki workshops
  • Enable you to help and support both groups and individual clients
  • Give you a comprehensive framework for delivering Reiki workshops
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and develop professional communication skills
  • Related support skills e.g. Power Point Presentation skills
  • Learning and teaching skills
  • Group energy and listening
  • Managing difficult or disruptive behavior

The topics covered include

  • How to structure and prepare workshops and talks
  • How to lead a variety of meditations, visualisations and exercises
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Background knowledge; the history and origins of Usui Reiki
  • How to give the Usui Reiki Attunements at all levels

Creating a safe environment

  • The teacher and the teaching space
  • Confidentiality and safe sharing
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Health and Safety Issues

 Meditations and visualisations

  • Preparations required and their importance
  • Leading group visualisations and meditations

Setting up activities

  • Drawing symbols/pictures
  • Keeping things interesting. The benefit of using a variety of teaching methods and styles
reiki hands

Teaching Outcomes

This course will enable you to:-

  • Facilitate your own Reiki Workshops Levels1, 2 and Master Level
  • Create and manage a safe teaching and learning environment
  • Use a broad range of exercises and teaching methods to support your students on their Reiki journey
  • Become an Accredited and Affiliated HTSO Master teacher of Usui Reiki if you want to benefit from the ongoing support available with FREE listing on the HTSO website



" Since I did the training weekend in Feb I have gone though many wonderful shifts & transformations in my life.
I am glad I was guided to become part of HTSO & know many wonderful things have happened & will continue to.
It has been a time of going deep & working on myself. Embracing whatever comes up.
Trusting in myself & the Universe. Would recommend this training to anyone.
I have been doing Reiki for 14 years & always felt something was lacking.
Now all the gaps have been filled. The Class Manuals are beautiful.
I look forward to taking more classes with Joanne." Sukhada Smith-Repass
HTSO Usui Reiki Master Teacher

"Joanne is a wonderful inspirational teacher who has helped me move beyond my own limitations. HTSO classes are organised, professional and well presented and are provided in a loving supportive learning environment. They include a good balance of practice, theory and information about becoming a Reiki practitioner and teacher. In particular the course manual which accompanies the Master teacher training has been put together with such care and provides a comprehensive guide to teaching your own courses. It covers everything, leaving you to simply enjoy the experience of sharing Reiki with others.

The ongoing support provided by JOANNE is very valuable in keeping me on track and motivated. Last but not least, everyone is there to support each other. There is always someone to call upon if I feel I need some help along the way.' Claire, Bulgaria, HTSO Usui Reiki Master Teacher